About Us

About Us

J D BROWN & CO is a 3rd generation family-owned business employing quality residents of our community. We stand by our reputation of keeping customer service as our top priority. We will fill the needs of our customers fairly and efficiently. By remaining independently owned and operated, our staff can continue to provide the absolute best care and service that generations of J.D. BROWN & CO customers have come to expect. J.D. BROWN & CO has a pharmacy specializing in INHALATION MEDICATION, DIABETIC SUPPLIES, SPECIAL COMPOUNDING OF PRESCRIPTIONS. We offer services that other pharmacies don't usually provide, such as Medicare billing, local & mail delivery, and personalized phone service. We accept most major insurance plans but a quick call will verify your coverage.

The majority of our pharmacy customers get their products and services at J.D. BROWN due to our large selection of products at one stop! In 1844, James Douglas Brown, Pharmacist, ESTABLISHED J.D. BROWN & CO originally located on Jefferson Street in downtown Joliet. The services that they offered were pharmacy prescriptions. Currently, J.D. BROWN & CO employs over 25 people, and has a very reputable name in communities throughout the Will County.

J.D. BROWN & CO covers all aspects of healthcare with a full service Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, Home Oxygen, Safety and rehabilitation Products. J.D. BROWN also provides Pharmacy, Respiratory, and Medical Equipment consultations. The pride that the staff take in caring for the customer and their caring nature continues the philosophy of the Brown Family that started our company over 160 years ago. For that philosophy alone, the business continues to grow with the help of all our fantastic staff & wonderful customers.


  • We deliver to all of Will County
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Evaluation of client for specialized products.
  • Evaluation of client's home for wheelchair accessibility
  • Evaluation of client's workplace for wheelchair accessibility
  • Evaluation of client's feasibility for wheelchair transport
  • Time and travel to secure proper documentation for patient
  • Time and labor involved with trial fittings and product sampling
  • Labor for warranty repair of defective products
  • Pick-up and delivery of product
  • Monitoring use of product
  • Billing of primary or secondary payer sources
  • Rework of denied claims
  • Instruction on equipment operation and safety to client, family and care giver
  • Follow-up with physicians (progress and compliance)
  • User compliance reports
  • Product and technology training for physicians and therapists
  • Arrange for patient travel
  • In-store health clinics (blood pressure, respiratory, glucose, etc.)
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Loaner products while client's product is in for service
  • Respiratory health education to seniors in assisted living centers
  • Labor to build or assemble and test sophisticated mobility equipment
  • Providing additional E tanks at no charge
  • Provide oxygen conserving devices for client's ease of portability of O2
  • Providing equipment in special cases prior to being able to bill for them
  • Accepting assignment (accepting a lesser payment rate than what is possible)