Rentals Request Form

Standard wheelchairs are available in three different widths - 16", 18", and 20". All seat depths are 18". Standard wheelchairs have a weight capacity of 250 pounds. All chairs are available with either desk arms or full arms. Desk arms enable a person to pull up closer to items, for example a table. Full arms provide more stability if the patient needs more assistance pushing off of the arms to get up and out of the chair.

All of our standard wheelchairs rent for $56.00 per month. The first month's rental is collected upon receipt of the chair along with a copy of a valid driver's license or state ID.

J. D. Brown offers an EARLY RETURN RATE for chairs returned within tens days of the anniversary date of the rental. FOR EXAMPLE...If you rent a standard wheelchair on 03/21/2019 and return it on 03/25/2019 you will only be charged a daily rate of $5.60 for the days that you had the chair.

**HOWEVER if you rent the wheelchair on 03/21/2019 and return it on 04/01/2019, ten calendar days have already passed and there is no refund for early return.